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Professional Growth Cycles - Setting up a system that promotes ultimate teacher success

Having 3 days without pay to go and stand in the rain and chant along to "Kua tai te wā!" is up there with having a root canal on the enjoyment scale - but we did it and it worked! The old 'jump-through-hoops' appraisal system for teachers is out, and Professional Growth Cycles are IN - but the work hasn't stopped - oh no my friends. It's just getting started!...

January 6, 2021

Teacher Survival Guide: The End of Term Edition

Isn’t it weird how the whole COVID lock down escapade feels simultaneously like it was just yesterday, but also like it was aaaaaaages ago? I’ve been seeing the carnage that’s been going on in schools over the last few weeks with the student (and parent) behaviors that you guys are dealing with and it’s only now that I truly understand the need for the word UNPRECEDENTED. Seriously though, what the hell is going on? My own kids are an absolute bag of crap right now and I try and mak...

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