Mentor Teacher Problems #2

What to do when you're responsible for a beginning teacher who has totally dropped the ball

Here are some coaching questions that can help you to find the answers that work best for you (and hopefully your B.T):

🍎 What have you done so far to ensure that your B.T is 100% clear about their responsibilities?
🍏 What else could you do?

🍎 What additional resources or check-ins could be included in your B.T's advice and guidance program?

🍏 How might you encourage your B.T do discover a work style that works best for them?

Remember: Being a mentor teacher isn't about passing on your particular way of doing things, it's about guiding someone else to discover their way of doing things. You are there to show them WHAT needs to be done, the HOW is up to them.

Can you hear that?
It's the sound of me cheering you on 👏
Kate oxox


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