Kate Horton | AKA Director of Enthusiasm

Kate Horton is an educational consultant who helps schools to transform their communication and collaboration. But what she's most pumped about is coaching and how it supports teachers and students to achieve mind-blowing outcomes!

That's enough of talking about myself in the third person.

At first I intended to be a teacher for my whole life so I got stuck in to 12 years in the classroom to achieve just that. Over time, I became an associate principal and Kāhui Ako across schools leader. One thing led to another and I found myself working less and less with kids, and more and more with teachers. 

Then one day in 2018, a real life educational consultant sat me down and said "I really think you're on to something with this coaching thing Kate," and gave me the opportunity of a lifetime. And that my friends, is how Coaching CoLab was born.

Q & A

Come on Kate, spill the beans!

If you loved being in the classroom so much, why did you leave?

I remember what it's like to feel the thrill of being offered more and more leadership opportunities. But at the same time, I also remember how frustrated I was as a middle leader who was trying desperately to do an incredible job. It seemed that no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't find the support or encouragement that I needed.  

As I began to work with teachers in other schools through my Kāhui Ako role, I identified that there are loads of other middle leaders out there who are eager to grow their skills as teachers and leaders but just don't know how. Working with these guys is where I can have maximum impact.

What's Coaching CoLab all about?

After years of driving my own professional learning and developing mad coaching skills, I realised that I had something pretty amazing to share with other teachers. Through Coaching CoLab I work in schools and privately with teachers, to help them achieve the goals that are most important to them and their learners. 

It's all about giving educators the support they need to truly thrive through coaching, workshops and leadership training.

How do you know that what you do is working?

As Coaching CoLab has grown, I've been struck by the fact that in every school I visit, many teachers and leaders all identify the same pressure points. Like I was, they are all eager to grow as professionals, but they struggle to find the space in their busy work lives to reflect, learn and develop.

I know that it’s possible for teachers to change their focus towards being better, rather than being busy. I see time and time again that when educators are given the right support they thrive, their classrooms thrive - everything just gets better!

That's why I'm working every day to create a community of educators across New Zealand who are armed with the support and understanding they need to build wonderful learning spaces for students and teachers alike. 


Kate Horton



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