Mentor Teacher Problems #4

What to do when you're responsible for a beginning teacher and you're just not gelling

Here are some coaching questions that can help you to find the answers that work best for you (and hopefully your B.T):

🍎 What have you done so far to establish a professional relationship between you and your B.T?
🍏 What else could you do?

🍎 What do you already know about your B.T?
    Their work style, personal and professional goals, communication preferences etc... 
🍏 What other information could you find out that would help you communicate more effectively as a mentor?

🍎 What have you done so far to ensure that each of your roles and responsibilities are crystal clear?
🍏 What else could you do to strengthen this foundation?

Remember: Certain pairings aren't as spectacular as others - that's O.K. As a mentor you are responsible for the effort that you put into the relationship, and your B.T is responsible for theirs. Focus on doing the mahi that makes you proud and who knows, you might just inspire your B.T to get on board with what you're doing for them. 

Can you hear that?
It's the sound of me cheering you on 👏
Kate oxox


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