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When you've got ideas worth having conversations about

$550 - 10 Weeks - 3 Coaching Zooms

Here's the thing right- if you're going to spend 40+ hours a week doing something, you'd better make sure it's something wonderful. If you're a leader this is even more important because you've got a team to think about too!

With me as your leadership coach over these three coaching conversations you'll be able to think things that you've never thought, and learn things that you've never learned. Together we'll give your day-to-day routine a shake up and get you well on your way towards achieving something extraordinary.


10 Weeks / 3 Coaching Convos

Coaching is the difference between achieving the predictable
and achieving a new potential

If I'd played it safe, I'd still be teaching 7 year old's to skip count and write in complete sentences. Instead, I made the commitment to take on new, risky and ridiculously exciting leadership opportunities. I want the same thing for you. Whatever your version of leadership success looks like, I know that coaching is a key ingredient in helping you get there.

My Zoom coaching package provides 3 hyper targeted coaching conversations to help you go deeeeeep into leadership areas where you'd love to see improvement. It's ideal for things like:

  • getting prepared for a promotion or job application

  • exploring an idea for your team

  • looking for ways to pump some improvements into your leadership approach

  • tackling an area that's being a pain in the ass

  • getting clarity when you're at a crossroads and deciding where to next

  • bouncing around something innovative

Is coaching a good fit right now?

This is a great question to ask yourself before starting any work with a leadership coach. I can tell you how awesome coaching is all the live-long-day, but the fact is, it's REALLY good when you're ready for it. 

As your coach I'll ask you loads of questions that will help to stretch your thinking to places it's never been before. Here's a few that you can try out now on a piece of paper, in your mind when you're out for a walk, in the shower later etc:

Questions to explore if this is the right time for coaching?

  • How would I feel if everything stays just as it is over the next few months?

  • What recurring thoughts am I having lately that are taking lots of my attention? And, what are these thoughts really telling me?

  • If I had a magic wand, what's one thing that I'd improve right now?

  • When I think about the area where I'd like to see improvement, what things have I already tried?

  • What could I try next?

  • What else?

  • What else..... and so on....

If you work through these questions and come up with lots of ideas for improvements, great! It sounds like you've got what you need to create some change - go hard my friend. 

If however you hit a bit of a road block, it might be a sign that you're probably not going to shift your own thinking with your own thinking. That's fantastic because you're in the coaching sweet spot where you've got something important worth exploring, but you don't want to sit around hoping things will magically happen.

Important side note: If you really really struggled with question one it could be a sign that you need a bit more than coaching. Check out Te Whatu Ora Wellbeing Services for a range of clinical support agencies.


10 Weeks / 3 Coaching Convos

Fine Print

You can start your 10 weeks of coaching any time you like. As soon as you sign up I'll send you a booking link and you can go ahead and book all 3 sessions in right away or play it fast and loose and book them as you go. 

Payment via Afterpay and credit/debit card is available through the sign up links all over this page. If you'd prefer to pay via bank transfer or would like to set up a monthly payment plan please give me a yell and I'll fire through an invoice. I draw the line at getting a cheque in the mail though. #boundaries

You're confidentiality is my priority so I'll never share what we chat about with anyone. Even if your boss/nana/partner is paying for it.

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