Street-Cred, Ethics & Privacy. Oh My!

The coaching industry is (at the moment) unregulated. It's true that any ol' cowboy out there can run around calling themselves a coach and charge people upwards of $1,000 per/hour to work with them. 

The good news is that the market weeds rubbish people out pretty quickly. If your coaching isn't delivering massive value for people - you won't get many clients, if any.

On that note, let me present Exhibit A.

My brag wall here shows a collection of just some of the incredible places where I've sprinkled some Coaching CoLab magic:

My big-hairy goal: be the best coach in the world!

My friends and I at the International Coaching Federation are on a mission to bring more regulation to the coaching industry. We are working to ensure that when you see the word 'coach', you trust that person to do a great job in the same way you would if you saw that someone was a dentist, master builder or bikini-wax technician. 

As a member of the ICF I am very proud to work alongside their ethical guidelines, commitment to continuous improvement and ongoing mentorship and supervision.  

Alternative ways to pay

If you'd rather do a direct bank transfer just let me know and I'll fire you an invoice. I can also set you up with monthly payment plans. I draw the line at getting a cheque in the mail though - come on!

Regional Business Partners Network (RBPN) funding may be available in your area for business and leadership coaching.  Get in touch with me and your RBPN local partner to kick that tyre.


You wouldn't buy clothes online without the safety net of a refund-policy; coaching shouldn't be any different. 

My main goal here is to make sure that you're deliriously happy with the commitment you've made to working with me. So, if you make a purchase and wake up over the next few days wondering if you've made a terrible mistake, I will happily refund your money.

After a 48 hour stand-down period it's all on, so there will be no refunds on any packages after this. 

Always remember, my whole philosophy with coaching is that the 'right' way to go about it, is the way that's right for you. So if things aren't going how you want them to, we'll talk and change it up where we need to. If you do want to bail out completely you can do so at any time, but remember, no refunds after 48 hours because you've committed, so we may as well keep rolling (#ProudOfYou). 

Your Information

If you choose to pay via afterpay you will be asked for your address at checkout. It's for their process, not mine. I do not use nor keep this information.

I hate being signed up for mailing lists so I'll never share your email address with anyone or automatically sign you up for any future newsletters I may send.

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