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Resetting your learning culture? I can help.
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Leaders ready to take teams to the next level? IT’S WHAT I LIVE FOR!

Kate Horton | Professional Learning Facilitator

We know that it’s important to differentiate learning opportunities for students right? That’s how I know that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to professional learning. The first step for me working with your team, is to understand your challenges and from there, build a program of professional learning just for you. 

As a professional learning facilitator, I help schools to:
• Embed exceptional professional growth cycles
• Provide ongoing and individualised support to promote enhanced wellbeing for all team members
• Use coaching to strengthen collaboration and communication
• Provide training for on-site coaches
• Explore coaching in the classroom and enhance the way that teachers and students communicate with each other, particularly when giving and receiving feedback

I'm a registered professional learning facilitator for the Ministry of Education. If you've had some hours approved for local curriculum design or assessment for learning then I'm your gal! 

If you'd rather self-fund your professional learning journey, I'm totally on board with that too. Check out the examples below of what I can offer your team.

Whether it's a mid-week staff meeting or a full on teacher only day - I've got the goods!

My one off workshops include:

  • Personality Profiling
  • The Collaboration Game
  • Strategic Planning Masterclass
  • Coach Training

Have you got some eager beavers who would like to take their own coaching journey for a spin before committing to rolling it out across your whole school? Then remote one-on-one coaching is a fantastic option. 

I walk alongside you for an entire term with regular 1:1 coaching conversations to help you achieve mind blowing outcomes.

Examples of in-school coaching programs

MoE funded professional learning programs will differ from those below. They're a whole different kettle of fish because they need to be a bit more bespoke in order to reflect your needs as outlined in your application.

Train You Own In School Coaches

This professional learning program is designed to train your own in school coaches so that any member of your school community can access coaching conversations for learning. It's perfect for educators across all levels of leadership.

Throughout this professional learning journey, your nominated onsite coaches will learn to:
• develop coaching skills that work with their natural communication style
• turn critical conversations in to coaching conversations
• use coaching as a powerful tool in teacher inquiry and professional growth cycles
• embed a culture of coaching across your school
• utilise coaching in the classroom as a game-changing way of giving and receiving feedback

Coach training happens over four terms and can be done remotely or face-to-face. 

Prices start from $2,250 +GST & travel per person.

Kate Coaching Your Team

One-on-one professional coaching is so hot right now because IT WORKS! With this PLD programme you get me either face-to-face or remotely to coach nominated members of your team. With the support of me as their professional coach, your team members will set about achieving professional goals that they don’t even know they’re capable of yet.

Each coachee will:
• set goals using the Education Council's Leadership Capabilities Framework
• receive ongoing and individualised support with their professional goals
• have 3 one hour coaching sessions each term (either face-to-face or remotely)
• receive notes and supporting resources after each coaching session
• have access to email/text support for the things that pop up between coaching sessions

Price starts from $289 per person / per term

Additional charges for travel costs & any tweaks you'd like to make to the program.

Here are some of the schools that I've already worked my magic in



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