Hey, I'm Kate Horton.

Did you know that crayfish communicate by peeing on each other's faces?

Luckily for me, I DON'T work with crayfish, but I DO work with communication. I'm the director of Coaching CoLab where I'm a professional learning facilitator in schools across New Zealand. I help learners and educators to smash coaching, collaboration and communication right out of the park!

My focus is firmly on learning conversations between colleagues, students & whānau. Asking incredible questions and giving/receiving exceptional feedback is what Coaching CoLab is all about.


I believe that Kiwi teachers thrive when given the support and agency they need to continue on the journey of developing into excellent leaders and world-class teachers.

So what I have created through Coaching CoLab, is communication focused workshop sessions in schools and 1:1 conversations centred around professional growth.

Over the years I've learned that in order for teachers to create amazing learning spaces for their kids, they need to have space given to them to reflect, learn and develop. In fact, I understand that most educators would love additional support but often feel like they don't have the time to discover what's out there. 

That's why I'm working every day to create a community of teachers across all leadership levels who are armed with the support and understanding they need to build wonderful learning spaces all across New Zealand - our students are counting on it!

Here's a bunch of places where I've sprinkled some Coaching CoLab magic


Do you love a freebie?

Oh my goodness - me too!

Educational middle leaders are at the heart of what Coaching CoLab is all about, so I've created this 101 guide to help you define your own leadership values. Once you know what kind of leader you naturally are, you can use this info to develop skills that reflect what's most important to you. 

Why do things the 'normal' way, when you get to do things YOUR way! 

Pop in your details and the 'Define Your Leadership Style' eBook will be catapulted across the internet and into your inbox right away. 

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