Hey, I'm Kate Horton.

I'm all right at loads of things,

shit-house at others,

               but BRILLIANT at one:


Coaching is MY JAM because it's colossally improved my life - and I've created Coaching CoLab so it can change your life too!

I'm not a life coach. I'm a work-life coach

Not in a meditative, let's unpack your problems and gaze deep into your inner child kind of way. That stuff is amazing when you need it - but it's not what I do.

I'm a work-life coach in a way that helps you to wake up every morning saying "look out world - I'm about to do some dazzling mahi".

Whether you're all about the hustle and grind, or you're looking for balance & boundaries, coaching with me will take you from where you are right now, to where you want to be.

Coaching for Educators

School leaders, teachers and anyone else who wants to create an exceptional school: head this way (PLD funding might even be available).

If you've got any other job, wanting to branch out and start a business or just want to do something game-changery for your work-life then go this way: 

Coaching for Everyone Else


In 2019 I left the steady salary & job security of being a teacher and started Coaching CoLab. For the first 3 years I exclusively coached educators to help them create exceptional schools that kids and teachers LOVE to go to each day. As my business thrived through all of that palaver with COVID, I knew I was on to something pretty spectacular. I've spent the subsequent years picking up a Post-Grad in coaching, studying towards my international ICF accreditation and clocking up over 1,000 hours of coaching - so now I'm expanding Coaching CoLab to the rest of the working-world.

I've created the best job in the world because I get to coach people who:

🥂 want to create something epic to jazz up their current job

🥂 are ready to take the plunge into building their own business

🥂 want to improve their relationship with their mahi

🥂 are keen to be a kick-ass leader

🥂 are in between jobs and want to make sure that the next thing that they commit to is sensational

Here's a bunch of places where I've sprinkled some Coaching CoLab magic

Coaching? ... Why?

O.k, first things first,

Yes this was my actual hair for two years. I get bored and have a friend who is an excellent hairdresser so I tend to get a bit experimental. 

That's also the vibe I bring to my coaching.

Many coaches will say that they help their clients solve problems. That's a super thing to be able to support someone with, but I think coaching is about so much more than that.

For me & my epic clients, coaching is about:

  • making improvements by experimenting with different ideas

  • understanding that you can't shift your own thinking, with your own thinking

  • having conversations that prompt you to come up with the best ideas you've ever had

  • knowing that the only 'right' way to do things is the way that's right for you

I know coaching works because when I started Coaching CoLab I had $8k of life savings, a couple of connections, buckets of enthusiasm and A COACH. Sure, I had to work bloody hard, but it wasn't hard to turn up and get it done. I had a plan, I had someone to bounce ideas off and most of all, I had an unwavering desire to create a job that I LOVE doing. I put all my eggs in this basket and have done everything I can to build a business that I'm so incredibly proud of - and holy crap that's an incredible feeling!

All of this has proven to me that if you want something bad enough, you can totally achieve it!

YOU can achieve it!

YOU can achieve whatever your version of Coaching CoLab is, and I'm so excited for you!


I'm an accredited Regionally Allocated PLD provider. If you're in a school and want our friends at the Ministry of Education to pick up the tab for working together, then let's put a proposal together.


Did someone say RBPN funding? You betcha we can kick that tyre if you've got an NZBN.

Shall we chat?

Find me in all of these places:

(+64) 21 025 026 84


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