Hey, I'm Kate Horton.

I'm all right at loads of things,

shit-house at others,

               but BRILLIANT at one:


I'm a leadership coach and the creative force behind Coaching CoLab. I've got a background in education and have been exclusively focused on coaching emerging and established leaders since 2019.

I reckon that great leadership is THE most important factor in the success of any team.

I also reckon that it's the hardest thing to get right

until now ... 


Leadership development should be as unique as you are.

Say goodbye to traditional coaching and mentoring methods – I do coaching differently. My coaching sessions seamlessly blend creativity, skill-building, and a touch of fun to elevate your leadership journey.

The only way to grow as a leader is the way that's right for you. You can read all the books, listen to all the podcasts and subscribe to all the newsletters you like, but the most effective way to make real improvements is through ongoing and individualised conversations.

E-Mail Coaching

Are you one webinar away from hiffing your laptop out a window? I hear ya. 

My email coaching service is tailored to your hectic schedule. Receive weekly coaching prompts, challenges, and leadership strategies right to your inbox. This unique coaching style transcends digital boundaries, ensuring you get the support and accountability you need without having any extra appointments in your calendar.

More info here

Zoom Coaching

For a more traditional experience, we can jump on Zoom for one-on-one coaching.

These sessions are not your typical coaching conversations. They are dynamic, engaging, and, most importantly, effective.

Leadership breakthroughs happen when you take time to experiment and bounce ideas around. You'll be blown away with the ideas you uncover through coaching.

More info here

Here's a bunch of places where I've sprinkled some Coaching CoLab magic

What sets me apart?

O.k, first things first,

Yes this was my actual hair for two years. I'm creative, spontaneous a a little bit hectic. I also have a friend who is an excellent hairdresser, so I tend to get a bit experimental because life is short, you may as well have fun with it. 

That's also the vibe I bring to my coaching.

  1. Creativity Unleashed: I bring an element of creativity to every coaching session, making your leadership journey as exciting as it is transformative.

  2. Tailored for You: No cookie-cutter approaches here! Coaching CoLab's strategies are personalised to suit your unique leadership style and goals.

  3. Proven Results: With a post-grad in coaching and membership in the International Coaching Federation - I've got the backing of some great qualifications as well as many MANY success stories from coaching leaders since 2019.


I'm an accredited Regionally Allocated PLD provider. If you're in a school and want our friends at the Ministry of Education to pick up the tab for working together, then let's put a proposal together.


Did someone say RBPN funding? You betcha we can kick that tyre if you've got an NZBN.

Coaching programs that are as flexible as you are

assuming you're some sort of bendy yoga person

Just you, me and our inboxes baby

$450 for the whole year!

The most accessible way to have a leadership coach in New Zealand.

It's affordable

It's flexible

It's a leadership game-changer!

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 The traditional approach

$550 for 10 weeks

My most popular coaching program

Three hyper targeted 1:1 coaching conversations where you get the results that are most important to you.

More info

Go hard or go home

$1,500 for 6 months + travel (if applicable)

Information and advice are free and freely available.

Individualised support and accountability are worth paying for. 

More info

Shall we chat?

Find me in all of these places:

(+64) 21 025 026 84


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Office Hours:
Any time I like!

Do you love a freebie?

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