How does coaching work?

Like any relationship you have over the internet, the right way to jump into coaching is the way that's right for you. 

Working with a coach is for EVERYONE, the trick is finding someone who is down to roll with a plan that works for you. Here I've got three options for how you and I can form a beautiful coaching partnership. The options range from E-mail only to regular Zoom convo's.

These packages are designed for individuals. If you've got a team or any other ideas I'm only an email away to chat about something a bit more your vibe.

Did someone say weekend coaching retreat on a tropical island ...? 

Pick a Package

Just you, me and our inboxes baby

$450 for the whole year!

No Zooms

No communities

No webinars

'E-mail and Chill' is my offering to change the way that we think about having a coach. 

Every single Friday for a whole year I'll pop into your inbox with a dose of inspiration and accountability. In each e-mail I'll ask you the same 3 questions that will prompt you to reflect, review and reset every single week. 

  • What did you achieve this week?

  • What do you hope to achieve next week?

  • What else do you want to share with me?

Your job is to take 10 minutes to consider how you're tracking towards your goals each week and fire your response back to me. As your coach & accountability buddy I'll be waiting to hear from you & will respond to all of your celebrations and queries. 

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 Get your shit together 

$600 for 6 weeks

Fizzing to give some major oomph to an idea that you've just GOT to turn into reality?

This is the package for you. 

My 'Scratch that Itch' coaching package includes 3 hyper targeted coaching conversations over 6 weeks.

This is ideal for going deep into improving something that's being a right pain in the ass or beginning to play around with a completely new way of working.

It's a short-sharp game changer. 

This package has helped people to:

  • get prepped for a job interview (and nail it)

  • brush up on leadership skills

  • reconnect with their passion

  • take the plunge and leave a job they hated

  • go on to start a thriving business

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No fear of commitment here

$1,500 for 6 months

Wowsers- you're ready to do the damn thing! Bring on some EPIC improvements to your work-life.

When you sign up for my 'Love it Long Term' program you're making the ultimate commitment to your personal and professional success. 

Over 6 months we'll have 8 in depth coaching conversations. The first one will help you get crystal clear on where you want to head and the last one will ensure you have a plan to keep the momentum going. Each coaching convo in-between will help you to experiment with how you can go about achieving even the most lofty of goals. 

You'll also receive 'E-mail and Chill' into your inbox throughout your coaching journey.

This is the partnership I formed with my coach when I began Coaching CoLab so now my success story can be part of the foundation for yours!

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Street-Cred, Ethics & Privacy. Oh My!

Head this way to see all of the nitty-gritty details.

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