One on One Private Coaching

$289 for 1 term

10 weeks of professional coaching that's all about you

It’s O.K if you don’t fully believe in yourself when you first come to me for coaching. I will believe enough for both of us until you do.

As your coach, my job is to make you feel great about yourself and your work. The good news for you, is that I’m tremendous at it!

When things aren’t as amazing as you’d like them to be at school, you need support from someone who speaks your language.

I only coach teachers. That’s it!

While my accountant doesn’t agree that this is a good idea, I’m laser focused on helping teachers because you guys deserve it more than anyone else in the world!

How Remote Coaching Works

Over the next 10 weeks we’ll have 3X 1 hour Zoom coaching conversations which will focus on any area of your professional life that you would like to change or improve. During our conversations I don’t tell you what to do – but I will help you to challenge your thinking, explore your options, commit to taking action and keep you accountable.

The ways that I help teachers includes:

  • helping you go from good to GREAT
  • rediscovering your passion for education
  • managing workload, family and life
  • building your teacher confidence
  • improving the connection and communication you have with colleagues and students
  • finding the guts to take the next step in your career
  • moving on from the breakdown of a relationship with a colleague or parent



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