Love it Long Term

Well, well ,well. It looks like you're ready to make a massive commitment and improve the crap outta your work-life. 

I'm here for it!


6 months /  8 Coaching Convos

Looking for Legendary?

In 6 months time you could be living a wildly different life to the one you've got now. How thrilling is that! 

This 'Love it Long Term' coaching package is about throwing everything we've got at making important improvements in your work-life. I say 'we' because this is the ultimate partnership where I turn up and ask questions that help you to build clarity, confidence and creativity, and you turn up ready to take massive action.  

Did I mention you get the whole damn kitchen sink with this one? Included in this coaching package is 'E-mail and Chill' as well as ubiquitous WhatsApp support. (That's a fancy word for anywhere/anytime).

Coaching is the difference between achieving the predictable and achieving a new potential

If I'd played it safe, I'd still be teaching 7 year old's to skip count and write in complete sentences. Instead, I made the commitment to explore something new, risky and ridiculously exciting. I want the same thing for you. Whatever your version of success looks like, I know that coaching is a key ingredient in helping you get there.

My 'Love it Long Term' coaching package provides 8 Zoom coaching conversations over 6 months. It's ideal for exploring your big aspirational ideas like:

  • creating a workplace that people love to be part of

  • navigating the wild & wonderful world of self-employment

  • reinventing the way balance and boundaries look 

  • overhauling the same ol' same ol' monotony of your current routine

  • or maybe just achieving something so kick ass in your work-life that you've got no idea right now what that could even look like

Hustle and Grind - or - Balance and Boundaries

No matter what you're looking for, coaching can support you to get there. 

Sure, I'm a super successful educator, leader and entrepreneur, but this is not going to be about the 'Kate Horton method of getting everything you've ever wanted'. This is about experimenting with the you way of doing things. 

Take the health world for example. If being 'in shape' was as simple as eating less & moving more- there wouldn't be a thriving industry peddling everything from diet pills to highly questionable workout equipment. The truth is that although on its' surface it seems straightforward, getting into or staying in shape is insanely challenging for many people because they're constantly trying to make things that work for other people, work for them.

We've all got our own way of making sense of the world which makes our motivations and abilities completely different to anyone else's. Coaching helps you to not only uncover the you way of creating change, it helps you to leverage what comes naturally and ultimately achieve things in the world that only you could. 


6 months /  8 Coaching Convos

Fine Print

You can start your 6 months of coaching any time you like. As soon as you sign up I'll send you a booking link and you can go ahead and book all 8 sessions in right away or play it fast and loose and book them as you go. 

Payment via Afterpay and credit/debit card is available through the sign up links all over this page. If you'd prefer to pay via bank transfer or would like to set up a monthly payment plan please give me a yell and I'll whip together an invoice for you. I draw the line at getting a cheque in the mail though. #boundaries

Regional Business Partners Network (RBPN) funding may be available in your area for business and leadership coaching.  Get in touch with me and your RBPN local partner to kick that tyre.

You're confidentiality is my priority so I'll never share what we chat about with anyone. Even if your boss/nana/partner is paying for it.

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NZ's first E-mail coaching package

$450 for 12 months

Weekly emails that help you get from where you are, to where you want to be.

Looking for something different?

Check out these coaching packages or get in touch to tailor something a bit more 'you'.

No fear of commitment here

$600 for 6 weeks

3 hyper focused coaching conversations over 6 weeks to make improvements to an area that is super important to you right now.

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