Kate Horton's the name
Learning's the game

My entire teaching philosophy centered around the idea that school should be one of the most incredible places in a child's life. 
Now that I run a business, the philosophy's the same. But, rather than committing to creating spaces that children love to be in, I'm all about the adults. 

I think that every educator in New Zealand deserves to work in a school that clicks with them. One where they are supported, challenged and celebrated. A school community that inspires them each morning to wake up and say "Hell yeah, I get to go to work today."

A Bit of Background Please?

Kate Horton is a professional coach and educational consultant who helps schools to transform their communication and collaboration. But what she's most pumped about is coaching and how it supports teachers and students to achieve mind-blowing outcomes!

That's enough of talking about myself in the third person.

At first I intended to be a teacher for my whole life so I got stuck in to 12 years in the classroom to achieve just that. Over time, I became a team leader, Associate Principal and Kāhui Ako across schools leader. One thing led to another and I found myself working less and less with kids, and more and more with teachers.

Then one day in 2018, my mentor Ande Ford sat me down and said "I really think you've got massive potential with this coaching thing Kate," and gave me the opportunity of a lifetime. That my friends, is how Coaching CoLab was born.

Since 2019 I've been coaching teachers and school leaders, helping them to explore what exceptional outcomes look like in assessment for learning, local curriculum development and professional growth cycles.  At the same time I've locked in a post-grad in educational leadership, membership with the International Coaching Federation and run workshops with countless people across all industries up and down ngā motu.

Here's a bunch of places where I've sprinkled some Coaching CoLab magic

Coaching Options Just for Educators

Aspiring, new and established middle leaders
$1600 for the whole year
or $550 p/term

In this coaching package you get the best of both worlds:

Me as a coach to help you establish and embed your own leadership approach.

Me as a mentor who knows the in's and out's of what it takes to lead a team of educators.

With monthly 1:1 coaching/mentoring conversations throughout the year, this is by far the most popular coaching package I've ever offered. I know that all of you glorious and ambitious middle leaders out there are hungry for ongoing and individualised support. We'll explore the Leadership Capabilities Framework, a range or strategies for leading people through change and of course, a whole lot of strategies to help you create a team that you and your colleagues LOVE being a part of. 

 I've got ya

If coaching is what you want to see more of in your school, cluster or Kāhui Ako, look no further.

I'm with you every step of the way whether you're looking to apply for Regionally Allocated PLD or want something a bit more bespoke through self/community funded coaching packages. 

You fought for the funding - let's do something epic with it
$1500 for 6 months

As you well know, recent initiatives from the Ministry of Education have acknowledged the need for tumuaki to deliberately take time to focus on their own hauora, professional development, and growth. 

Professional coaching has been nominated as a key ingredient in principal wellbeing and success for one reason - it works! 

There are a lot of providers out there offering  their support to principals with all sorts of leadership programs, collaborative learning groups and retreats. They all have benefits - but what I'm offering is different because I'm not focused on exploring what type of wellbeing support works best for principals. I'm focused on exploring what type of wellbeing support works best for YOU.

T's, C's and other important things

Head this way to see all of the nitty-gritty details.

If you're looking for something a bit different
check out my non educator specific coaching pages:

Just you, me and our inboxes baby

$450 for the whole year!

No Zooms

No communities

No webinars

E-mail based coaching is my offering to change the way that we think about having a coach. 

Every single Friday for a whole year I'll pop into your inbox with a dose of inspiration and accountability. In each e-mail I'll ask you the same 3 questions that will prompt you to reflect, review and reset every single week. 

  • What did you achieve this week?

  • What do you hope to achieve next week?

  • What else do you want to share with me?

Your job is to take 10 minutes to consider how you're tracking towards your goals each week and fire your response back to me. As your coach & accountability buddy I'll be waiting to hear from you & will respond to all of your celebrations and queries. 

More info

 The most popular way to have a coach 

$550 for 10 weeks

Fizzing to give some major oomph to an idea that you've just GOT to turn into reality?

This is the package for you. 

My Zoom coaching package includes 3 hyper targeted coaching conversations over 10 weeks.

This is ideal for going deep into improving something that's being a right pain, or beginning to play around with a completely new way of working.

It's a short-sharp game changer. 

This package has helped people to:

  • get prepped for a promotion (and nail it)

  • brush up on leadership skills

  • reconnect with their passion

  • take the plunge and move on from a position that wasn't a good fit

  • go on to start a new role with their very best foot forward

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No fear of commitment here

$1,500 for 6 months

Wowsers- you're ready to do the damn thing! Bring on some EPIC improvements to your work-life.

When you sign up for my Senior Leadership Coaching program you're making the ultimate commitment to your personal and professional success. 

Over 6 months we'll have 8 in depth coaching conversations. The first one will help you get crystal clear on where you want to head and the last one will ensure you have a plan to keep the momentum going. Each coaching convo in-between will help you to experiment with how you can go about achieving even the most lofty of goals. 

You'll also receive my E-mail coaching program into your inbox throughout your coaching journey.

This is the partnership I formed with my coach when I began Coaching CoLab so now my success story can be part of the foundation for yours!

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